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Started off as " SAN PHOTOGRAPHY" by San, it was limited

to only Candid photography coverage.

After extensive screening and adapting to the requirements of clients we introduced video as well.

This meant that the team had to expand and with that

the title had to change.


Why 'BLACK KAAPI'? Well, we thought it was cool

and we are sticking to that.  



Currently the team specializes in producing images and video that you would want to savor for the rest of your life.

We are extensively trying always to keep our finished product fresh and unique for each couple we shoot.

We ensure we give the same amount of effort for the portfolio packages that we take. 


Do take some time to know who will be behind the craftsmanship we produce.




​Father gifted me a Camera and that kick started a journey that I still enjoy.
I come from a family of Engineers and Doctors, but decided very early that I was not going to be a part of the legacy.

Made a decent effort to be a part of the IT herd with a Business major in Management; only to realize that I was a black sheep and was designed to live like that.

Photography is and has been the only thing in life that has made any sense. I am not a photographer by choice or because I have the talent; its because, it makes me happy​

I am currently the so called boss of this establishment and easily the least paid. ​



​If you asked me a couple of years back if I would be featured here as the editor, I would have laughed out loud. But life takes us to places we least imagine.The Photography bug bit me when I met San and it didn't take him too long to drag me along this journey.

Not only am I the chief editor for the team, I am also the one who makes countless glasses of coffee while they brain storm for new ideas and concepts. This is only the tip of the ice berg; I am the one handling the accounts, marketing and lets not forget being San's BETTER HALF (trust me, I am )With a Diploma in Graphic design to back me up, I also take assignments to assist the team as a backup photographer



 I am not called the 'textbook guy' for a catchy title, I like going by the book. I see life in frames and angles and it was not long before I realized that Photography was calling out for me. With a story tale not very different from San, it took us 10 years to finally meet; though we stayed only lanes apart. I am the chief candid photographer for the team and most of the time I am making up all angles missed out by San during weddings and also his first choice for the secondary photographer.

I do personal projects that involve Architecture, Landscape and Interiors. When I am not shooting, you will find me brain storming and mostly working with San on wedding projects.

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