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I see that you have looked around at our work and I am hoping that you have liked what you have seen so far and now you wish to check out the ‘mula’ (how much do you charge) part of it.



We have put together some FAQs that we have come across from clients and this should help you in making your decision (yes, we are discussing ‘mula’ too)

What is your style of photography?


We are a team of Candid photographers; yes, we know that this is a term that has been loosely used in our industry with little knowing what it is. I am not a specialist but from what I know, we cover the wedding from a photojournalism point of view (which means we try to narrate a story with the photos we take) and we try to capture the moments as they happen and not ask you to pose for them. Our focus will be on the couple and the close family/ friends

because we know they will be the epicenter of all emotions


Does this mean you won’t shoot the rest of the crowd?


We know that weddings mean gatherings and there are bound to be lot of people; however, we know for sure that there is an emotional roller coaster riding around the immediate family and we want to stick with it.

In cases where you feel that we have to also capture the crowd; you can let us know and we can discuss options when we draft your wedding package


So what are your packages?


Every wedding is unique; there is no set template out there that is followed for weddings so we cannot have set packages. However, you should know that the assignments that we take are Rs 60,000 and upwards.

This should only be a reference and not something that we charge for a day or a session (still unsure of what that means).

We decide on the money front only after we have met the clients or

discussed with them over Skype ( you can add me on just to say hi !!)


Do you shoot weddings anywhere in India or outside India?


We are based out of Bangalore and we shoot anywhere in India and yes we shoot abroad as well.

We are always packed and ready to go.


How big is your team?


The current team strength is 6; however we all take personal assignments too. This means that not all 6 will be at your wedding.

We decide on how many we need to shoot the event and travel accordingly. However, do note that we are not a Studio and the conventional photographers and videographers are not part of the team. They are all vendors whom we hire as we need.


So what about those fancy TV screens and the big cranes; don’t you feature that?


No, we don’t. We don’t do giant TV screens, LEDs, projectors, cranes, mixing, giant cranes and Web casting 

Do note that we are professional photographers and we wish to shoot candid moments without anything tying us down during weddings because that is our secret behind amazing candid photos.

However, if you still want us to take care of these things we can recommend vendors who can have them done for you. 


Does this mean you won’t give us any photo books either?


Well, photo books are an exception. This is something that is done in the backend and also we feel that our job is half done unless our work ends up in some printed format.

We work along with Canvera to design custom Signature photo books that bring out the best in what we have shot.

Feel free to ask for a sample when we meet.


So how do we go about booking you?


We love to meet you in person or the second best option would be to Skype.

Once we have discussed all the details and you have decided to let us shoot your wedding then we will take a 50% advance to block the dates for you and the other 50% will be collected on completion of the shoot.

The deliveries should be agreed upon while booking if you need the photos sooner.


Well, all things considered; how do we know that you are the right choice for us?


The team consists of folks that come from different lifestyles and different backgrounds. This means that we will get along no matter what. Most importantly we are professionals and we understand how important this day is for you. We want to make sure that we add to the fun and helping you relax and creating amazing pictures along the way.



However, we do ask you to do the following:


* Do your homework; look around as much as you want through our site before you decide on picking us


* Ask a ton of questions. This is your special day; don’t leave any stones unturned.

  Make sure that you have all your questions answered about everything before you have made a decision


* Get to know us. There is nothing more important than knowing the person who will be around you thought

  out the wedding taking  pictures of you. You want to ensure that you have a connection with the person shooting you.


Great; is there anything else that we should know?


If you have made up your mind and decided on booking us, there are a few things that we would like you to know, this is universal and applies to all professional photographers out there


* Be a 100% sure with your photographer. Make sure that the style of photography matches your requirements and is something that you always imagined it to be


* Once you have decided on us, let us do our job. I am sure that you would have imagined your pictures in a particular way and I can assure you that we would have crafted a ton more ideas like them for you. Each assignment is very personal to us and we give more than a 100% in all our weddings


* Please don’t give us directions. I know you want to be in control of things on your wedding but we are artists and we are at our best when we are given the freedom to do what we do best




This hopefully should answer most of the questions that you might have and if you have any more;

please feel free to get in touch with us or just leave a comment here and we will

get back to you.



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