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Life in Motion

Here is the column that took some time to come up online and the reason for the change in name.

Frankly, there was a lot of debate when we got into this as we had just started off with the photography bit

and venturing into something new was going to be a challenge.

San started off with shooting videos during weddings even in those where the client had not asked for.


Not the right bit of information to share here but he has never been the one for following 'conventional' methods.

A ton of trail and error has brought us to a place where the clients have liked the work that we are doing and we plan to get better with time.

This is a section we ask the clients or onlookers to give us all the feedback as to what you think and let us know how our videos are.

charu + Pradeep

Monday blues; I am sure this wont exist in your dictionary if you know that your soul mate is sitting across your office desk. This is an incentive I bet can motivate any of us to work those long hours. I am glad we got the chance to work with this blessed couple who snubbed the stereotype that office romances don't work. Here's to them and if you like the video, share the love !!!

Romance @ Work

sneha + Arjun

There are things that are meant to happen and then there are soul mates.

These guys took 'chance' to a whole new level. 

Sneha picked Arjun from the lot of friends;  

to be a 'fake' boyfriend to shoo away a senior but

little did she know that she was gonna fall in love and 

Arjun happen to be in right place in the right time

love, By Chance

Parul + Nikhil

There is something about love stories that starts off as kids. Parul and NIkhil knew each other as kids, went to the same school and even had the same friends. 

However, like fine wine they had to wait until it was the right time when NIkhil popped the question in style for this beautiful couple to come together

Falling in Love

Divya + Vikram

First off .. we want to thank the client for being patient with us and having faith in us with the video. The wedding was a delight to shoot. Everything was set up for us to make the shoot as easy as possible. In the middle of all that there was a beautiful story that we wanted to make sure that we captured. With 2 families coming together with their different backgrounds was icing on the cake.

the wedding plan

Nischita + Souvik

Long distance relationships work!!


We had to witness it to see it for ourselves; and we did. Frankly, they should write a book on how they made it work. We were just excited we got a chance to shoot it. The wedding had a lot of flavors with the bride from the south and the groom from Kolkata.

The fact that the bride changed wardrobe 4 times during the course of a single day wedding and we got the chance to shoot 2 styles of wedding at the same time; was all that we could ask for and to top that we had a big group of friends to play an integral part of the ‘Love Story’ was like icing on the cake.

One of those weddings where we wished that it could have been longer so we could shoot more and that is something that we don’t feel that often.

college sweethearts

sharon + Sujith

the love story

Last year hadn't been very fruitful to me when it comes to Christian weddings; with just one wedding under the belt, it wasn't looking all that great. So when Victor brought this shoot up, I jumped at it.

But when we sat down to discuss the wedding, things got a little more interesting. Unlike, any Christian wedding that I have done in the past, Victor referred that this one would have a haldi ceremony.

As we started the shoot, we began to realize that though both the boy and the girl were Christians, there was so much of difference in how they went about things. We knew that this was only going to add color to the event and that got us excited.

With all that happening, we had to take special care to narrate the love between the couple

and their special day.

We hope we did justice to it.


babli + Sughosh

dual role wedding

There was soo much happening, so there had to be a video.

To start off my assignment only included to shoot candid stills of the event; but when you know what you are seeing forms the most important part of your story telling, you just have to capture that in a medium that is best suited.

I knew the challenge behind being the only person shooting stills of the entire event ( with no assistants, very heavy lenses and a loose pair of pants), ensuring that I don't miss out on the candid moments and being responsible if the stills don't turn out great.

But when you have the gut feeling to shoot video and edit it ( thanks to my editing team because they felt that it was not a good idea), I knew I was doing it not to impress anyone. I know that it will make a difference to the people in it and that is all the perks I need.

sunitha + Chala

This was one of those things that had to fall in place with the plans that we had in mind. Though we were not prepared for it a wedding in your own house is more you can ask for; for experimentation that is. This is what we did and though it was not great; we realized that this was a new love for us and we were going to hook on to it. We knew that we had to prove our metal to stand a chance with clients trusting us to shoot weddings and we knew we had to start somewhere.


the grand experiment

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